May 18, 2018
24 days left
until our celebration.
La Doyenne
La Doyenne
This is it! The long-awaited website with details for the upcoming Doleyres family reunion!
Our main goal is for all of us to meet in a fun and casual atmosphere. Another goal is for all of us to meet not only members of the Doleyres family, but we are also extending this invitation to the Pierre, Auguste, Philogene, Joseph, Victor, Gracia, Vilamar, and the many other families last names linked to the Doleyres bloodline and through marriage. We hope to meet as many members of the family as possible. We can't wait to meet you all. We hope that you will be able to join us! Please invite all family members that we did not extend an invite to as well as the ones who are not on Facebook by providing them the link to our website:

We are planning a fun-filled weekend with many activities.  We welcome the youngest members of the family to the more mature and wise ones! 
We look forward to seeing you, but if you cannot join us in May, please participate in our polls and trivia questions.  You are still family and your input and participation counts!
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